Friday, 27 July 2012

The Great Recasting Blogathon

Hello, my pals and gals! This is my contribution to The Great Recasting Blogathon, hosted by Rianna, at Frankly, My Dear and Natalie, at In the Mood.
The idea behind this blogathon is very simple: We each pick one movie from after 1965 that we particularly like and recast it with stars that had their heydays before 1965. So, how's about we get going?

The King's Speech was a movie directed by Tom Hooper, awarded with 4 Oscars, including Best Picture in 2010. It tells the story of a distressed king, with the heart of a lion and an uncontrollable need to be of use to his country, but that suffers from extreme insecurity due to a stuttering problem, that keeps him from delivering speeches to his people. With the outbreak of World War I that coincidentally came accompanied with a family crisis, he finds his people need him more than ever. With the help of an idealistic doctor and a loving wife, the king rises above his disabilities and writes his name in history. I picked this movie because as a classic film fan, I could not stand to see my favorite actors and actresses in a mediocre picture. I chose "The King's Speech" because it is an excellent production all around, with a fabulous original cast, exquisite writing and a very creative storyline. I see "The King's Speech" as one of the very few movies of the current day worthy of having the classic stars. 

The recast is as follows:

King George VI, originally played by Colin Firth, is recast as Spencer Tracy (1900-1967)

The Queen Mother, originally played by Helena Bonham Carter is recast as Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003)

Dr. Lionel Logue M.B.E., originally cast as Geoffrey Rush is recast as James Stewart (1908-1997)

I thought about this recast after watching the film "State of the Union", one of the exceptional productions of the Tracy-Hepburn duo. In this picture, Tracy plays a rather corrupted chief of state, who is willing to achieve power at any cost. His dishonesty in his political life reflects on his personal life: He cheats on his wife, Katharine Hepburn, regularly. Katharine plays a resentful first lady, who disapproves of her husband's ways but is too submissive to react. I wanted to see the same story, but with the values completely inverted. Spencer as a strong chief of a state, but this time an honest one. Katharine as a first lady, but this time a strong one. The film had the sort of witty writing that was just right for the pair and the fabulous love that  united them would present just the right amount of chemistry. Also, the story of the king and queen presents a poetic similarity to that of Spencer and Kate. The king, beloved and needed by his people, overtaken by a disability, takes solace in a strong-gutted first lady. As did Spencer: On his alcoholic crisis, he clung tight to the First Lady of Cinema, who, lovingly, tended to him. Colin Firth won the Academy Award for his portrayal of the king, but there is no doubt in my mind that Spencer Tracy could do just as good a job.
I cast James Stewart as Dr. Logue because he strikes me as the perfect combination of ruthlessness and understanding for the character. His range of emotion is so magnificent that he is able to show his rigor and austerity, like in the picture above, still conserving a certain sweetness in his eyes. I'm sure Stewart would've delivered a fine performance, worthy of an Academy Award. 

The movie is to be set around 1947. Katharine would be 40 years old, but as usual look 5 years younger. Spencer would be a beaten-down 47-year-old, already feeling the effects of his lifelong liquor addition. He would appear to be 10 to 15 years older than Hepburn, as it is evidenced in "Adam's Rib", picture filmed just two years later. James Stewart would perhaps be too young for his character at 39, but he would rely on makeup to age his features. 

So, what do you think, pals and gals? Do you agree with my recast? Is there any movies you would like to recast yourself? Leave me a comment in the comment box!
See you guys next time!

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  1. Ah! Love this recast! :D Thanks for joining in our blogathon!

    1. You're welcome, Natalie! Thanks yourself!

  2. This is perfect! I would love to see this movie with your cast. Obviously Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn are great, but to add Jimmy into the mix is just brilliant. I love your post and think you did a great job!

    1. Thanks sweetheart! I have to say I agree one thousand percent. Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorite actors ever! I shiver with him on Vertigo!

  3. This was brilliant. I think almost everybody is making all-star movies in their recasts! Well, this is how our classic film fans dreams come true :)
    This film would certainly be one of my favorites with this cast.
    I'm also in the blogathon recasting The English Patient.

    1. Hey, sweetheart, thanks! Yeah, I would kill to see this recast in action! I'll be sure to check yours out! Hugs!!